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  • Scott Hughey (TheWriteScott)

    Scott Hughey (TheWriteScott)

    He’s a geek with social skills. Scott writes humor, satire, and pop-culture with a touch of self-help. Find his Amazon books here: https://amzn.to/2LDQxjy

  • Emilina Lomas

    Emilina Lomas

    Nutritionist turned health writer, working freelance from Orange County, California.

  • Jessica Lynn

    Jessica Lynn

    Entrepreneur + Writer. Come join me in the creator economy. Get my eBook, How to Make Money on Medium. www.thrivingorchidgirl.com/ebook/. Hit FOLLOW ⤵

  • Quiet Cacophony

    Quiet Cacophony

    A lot of noise in a quiet mind.

  • Jamie Logie

    Jamie Logie

    Some health, a little marketing, and a lot of 1980s content

  • Psychospiritual Travlr

    Psychospiritual Travlr

    Trained in Mental Health & Psychiatry, Transpersonal Psychologist, Psychospiritualist, Spiritual seeker, Mindfulness practitioner & coach, Psychiatrist

  • Ryan Engelstad

    Ryan Engelstad

    Therapist writing about mental health and behavior change. Check out my podcast, Pop Psych 101: https://www.poppsych101.com

  • Jason H. Smith, MD, MBA, FAWM

    Jason H. Smith, MD, MBA, FAWM

    Chief Medical Officer, Family Physician, blogger and podcaster at docwilderness.com. Educating others on the wilds of nature, medicine and leadership.

  • Christy Taylor

    Christy Taylor

  • Ariadna Rios Varemkow

    Ariadna Rios Varemkow

    Mother of five - writer - holistic coach - people say life is what it is. I would add ‘and what we make of it’. lifeandfive@wordpress.com

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